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I'm also the student of one Raptorcloak, because I need to write better and longer lemons (phrasing).

AUTHOR INFOName: James Nickname: JTAge: 25From: Motor City, Michigan, USA.

SOUL'S STORY PIPELINE (MOSTLY NARUTO CROSSOVERS)-BAKUNYUU MAID KARINaruto the Masked Hood Maid Guardian (Naruto x Bakunyuu Maid Kari x Kanzai Toshi) - Naruto is the Heir of the Uzumaki Group.

The Juubi of the Suicide Squad (Naruto x DC (Suicide Squad (film) and Assault on Arkham)) - Takes place in a AU Injustice universe.

Whirlpool of the Dead - Will soon be off hiatus (I hope…). Whirlpool in the Horizon - Trying to write a chapter lol Devil of Six-Paths: Naruto the Bloodedge - Going through a MAJOR reboot that's being developed. Abnormal Maelstrom Zero - Next chapter being written.

Final Fantasy Uzumaki XIII: Crystal Legend Beginning - Writing next chapter with Rixxell Stryfe.

Arc-V, Testament of Sister New Devil/新妹魔王の契約者, Overwatch, and Friday the 13th. I am Soul Embrace2010, your self-proclaimed Crossover Master and star of the Let's Play You Tube Channel, Soul Embrace2010 GAMING.

I'm not a Crossover Grandmaster, for that honor goes to Kenichi618 and Kyuubi16, but I'll get there XD.

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