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You could become the idol of millions without going on TV even once; you could create a smash hit while still working stoking a boiler or cleaning the streets; you could experiment without sparing a thought for sales.Perestroika brought an end to censorship and lifted the Iron Curtain a touch, something which had already changed the creative modus operandi and which, in the 90s, led to the introduction of the long-awaited market.After the sick act he realised he had been spied on by a CCTV camera fixed on a hay barn.Police say he then used a stick to try and dislodge the camera, but fearing the worst he set fire to the hay hoping to destroy all the evidence.Russia, its doors flung open to the world, could not offer it any new Maleviches, Stravinskys or Eisensteins.In summing up, I’ll risk a paradoxical conclusion: the most important product of the culture of the 90s in Russia, and the only one that deserves any attention, is the Russian 90s themselves — a decade that was, undoubtedly, “crazy” and completely unrepeatable in its disparate unfettered energy…Or take “showbusiness”: the first attempts at making quality pop music (Natalia Vetlitskaya, Alyona Sviridova, Anzhelika Varum) packaged in stylish videos, fell prey to cunning “producers”, and as a result a fairly horrific genre of music known as ) and, Lord have mercy, “Russian chanson” — torment on the airwaves…

They immediately checked the CCTV cameras and found footage of him apparently having sex with a horse.

Here you go, Russian Brit Pop, the Russian Tarantino, the Russian “Generation X”.

The work of those few who made some effort at a unique national identity (Mitki, for instance) harked back exclusively to the stereotypes of the past — things that could evoke feelings of warm nostalgia among their fellow-countrymen (especially in the context of the New Russian free-for-all) — but it left no impression on the outside world.

In practice, however, it all came out a bit twisted.

Those survivors of the 80s underground still living in the country (and I was one of them) were busy trying to capitalise on the heroic past; the phrase “If you’re so smart/talented, then how come you’re so poor?

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And, as often happens, and especially in Russia, everything that could be cheapened and ruined was cheapened and ruined.