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By this time we had our first child, going out together was more of a production.

We still enjoyed a great sex life and discussed the fantasy.

We married at 21/22 and worked our way through college, grad school, career growth, and all the normal stuff. We were not into anything out of the ordinary but had a close relationship.

Although we married young we waited till we were in our early 30’s before having kids. We used to frequently discuss the fantasy of having another guy join us for fun.

If Kathy just glanced at me with her beautiful blue eyes I would have erupted on the spot.

At some point, I started corresponding with Mark who traveled to our town for business on occasion.I started to check out sights like Prodigy to see if we could find a candidate. Kathy said she was not interested in someone we had never met with.We agreed I would meet with and pre-screen the guys.She was suddenly focused on suggesting she was not sure she was interested and if we did go thru with it all the rules about what she would or would not do. The baby sitter came and we headed to the restaurant in two separate cars so I could meet Mark in advance.The initial greeting was awkward since everyone was thinking about how the night might end before it even began.

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She left to go to the house and pay the babysitter and Mark and I left shortly after in my car.

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