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“He said Tom was very confident and forward with a huge sex drive.” Last month we revealed how Tom had internet sex sessions with a male fan from Liverpool but the star said he had been on a break from Dustin at the time. "It’s totally crucial to us that we are completely and totally open with each other.” “It would always happen when Dustin was away and would be quite short-lived.

"They would hook up for half an hour or an hour and that would be it.

He was initially invited to a barbecue at Tom and Dustin’s flat in Borough, South London, and had coffees with the pair, who had recently gone public.

But Tom is then said to have invited him round when Dustin, who he called Lance, was out of the country, leaving Ed in no doubt as to his intentions.

’” Ed is believed to have told his friends about their meetings and their relationship became an open secret among sections of the local gay community.

The insider said: “Ed told them it was a purely physical relationship with not much emotion involved.

However, the 20-year-old from Hackney, London, saw his debut single And I Am Telling You, a cover of the Broadway number made famous by Jennifer Hudson in musical Dreamgirls, chart at a disappointing number 75.Our source said: “Ed said the messages Tom sent would say things like, ‘I’m home and horny, can you come round?’ “Others would say, ‘Lance is away, are you going to be about?He told IBTimes: 'Everyone thinks you win The Voice or you win The X Factor or you win Britain's Got Talent and you're automatically a star, you've made it and you can have a long career.[But] no, because you have to work your butt off.'Speaking to ITV's Lorraine, the former firefighter revealed how his colleagues have reacted to his success, 'They support me, but you obviously get a lot of stick!

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