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The fabric was thin and as she stood up her large breasts swayed, causing the material to move. Danny's was a bar with male dancers that catered to women. "Some of the girls at the bar tonight told me that I should try it too." I said. I had a little bit of a buzz on from the bar and it made me feel like talking.I said to her "Geez, Mom I'm 25 years old now, you don't have to wait up for me." "I know, son," she said. I couldn't relax" Judging from the half empty bottle of scotch in front of her, she was probably good and relaxed now. Her ass was a little bit bigger than it used to be, but then again so were her tits. She sat back down, poured herself another drink and asked me to tell her about it.

"Well," I said "You do have panties." At this Mom gave my face a very light, playful slap. The song was ending and she went back in the living room and started it again.I can teach you how." She went into the living room, started the CD player, and came back into the kitchen. "Jus' for that I'm gonna give you a great show." The song she had picked was Prince's "Cream." I turned my chair around to face her as she started to dance.She was wearing her silk pajamas and as her body swayed I could see the outline of her big breasts as they pushed against her top." "That wouldn't bother me, Mom, the only thing I'm worried about is whether I can dance well enough." . "I've always wanted to dance like that but I was too chicken when I was younger, and now I'm too old.At this, her face lit up and she said: "I've been to Danny's and watched them dance. "Mom," I said, "You're still beautiful enough to be a dancer." She blushed and gave me a big smile and said: "Thank you, honey, you're sweet." She was slurring her words a bit now.

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I'm showing you how to dance, not giving an anatomy lesson." I didn't want her to stop, so I backed off a bit, "I just mean couldn't you tie your shirt instead of having it buttoned?