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But the critics were not kind on Miley's acting chops and she was soon making a legendary musical comeback.

In 2012, Miley became engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth, who she had met while starring in the 2009 film The Last Song and who she describes as her 'first serious boyfriend' - although Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey once claimed that Miley was his first kiss, aged just nine, and she also confirmed that she dated fellow Disney icon Nick Jonas for two years.

Yes, it has officially been a full decade since Miley Cyrus et al debuted on the small screen to the glee of teens everywhere, eventually going on to span four seasons and 98 episodes all about the regular teen who led a double life as a pop star.

But while we all know what would later become of the wholesome teen idol Miley, FEMAIL is taking a look back at the Disney hit show and hunting down the other members of the cast to see how they have weathered the intervening years.

Then and now: The once-wholesome teen delighted children and parents alike with her quirky, family-friendly on-screen antics (left); these days she prefers more risque tactics when it comes to getting attention (right)By the time Hannah Montana concluded, Miley Cyrus was not only a household name, but had already made forays into pop stardom herself with albums including Meet Miley Cyrus, Breakout and Can't Be Tamed - the latter of which, released in 2010, made the first moves towards establishing a more mature image for the star.

However, despite the success of her records, Miley decided to take a break from music to focus on her acting, starring in films including LOL and So Undercover.

Her born place is Los Angeles, California, United States.

Now 24, she is currently starring as Gabi Diamond in the sitcom Young & Hungry.Even though [Hannah Montana] is chopped up into little tiny pieces and buried in my backyard she will always hold a very special place in my heart!Following the end of the program, Emily stayed in the business, doing voice overs for Beverly Hills Chihuahua two and three and recently displayed her impressive acting chops as a drug addict on CBS' Mom opposite Allison Janey.'Yes, this is what 14 year olds used to look like, no teeth no worries,' she wrote.'Thank you to everyone who stuck with us all these years, we couldn't have done it without you, and hopefully Mitch still has his "STOP" belt buckle-because fashion.' The actor was already in his late 20s when he took on the role of teenage Jackson and was, in fact, already married as well to Jennifer Earles in 2002.

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That same year, Miley became an outspoken advocate of smoking marijuana, sharing images of her own homemade bongs and talking about her love for 'happy drugs' in an interview with Rolling Stone - this on top of her increasingly sexualized public image caused quite an uproar among her Hannah Montana fan base.

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